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The future trend of frontal crane industry

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(Summary description)Thefuturetrendofcontainerreachstackerindustry(1)SpecializedproductionoffrontalcraneMostofthemanufacturersoffrontmountedcraneshavelong-termproductionofautomobiles,wheeledcranes,straddlecarriersandforkl

The future trend of frontal crane industry

(Summary description)Thefuturetrendofcontainerreachstackerindustry(1)SpecializedproductionoffrontalcraneMostofthemanufacturersoffrontmountedcraneshavelong-termproductionofautomobiles,wheeledcranes,straddlecarriersandforkl

  • Categories:News
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  • Time of issue:2020-07-06 16:39
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The future trend of container reach stacker industry
(1) Specialized production of container reach stacker
Most of the manufacturers of front mounted cranes have long-term production of automobiles, wheeled cranes, straddle carriers and forklifts, such as Sweden's Kalmar, Finland's koni and sany. With the development of products and higher requirements for product quality, the trend of specialized production is further revealed.
(2) Large scale and high efficiency of container reach stacker
a. Increase of rated lifting capacity
In the early days, the rated lifting capacity of the front crane was generally 36-40t. In order to meet the requirements of lifting containers and trailers at the same time, the rated lifting capacity was greatly increased, and now it is mostly 40-45t, and some can reach 46t.
b. Improve work efficiency
With the development of logistics industry, the throughput of cargo in ports, wharves and logistics centers is increasing. Therefore, the requirements for the working efficiency, traveling speed, boom pitch, telescopic action and spreader operation speed are higher and higher.
c. Improvement of basic configuration standards
With the improvement of rated lifting capacity and working efficiency, the configuration of engine, gearbox, drive axle, hydraulic and electrical control system will be improved accordingly.
(3) Intellectualization of electrical control
The intelligent technology is applied to the electrical control system of the front crane to expand the function of the equipment. Through the operation of the controller and the query of working conditions, the load status and working range can be displayed in real time, and the functions of intelligent load warning, anti overturning alarm, safety protection, equipment status monitoring and fault pre diagnosis are realized.
(4) Environmental protection and energy saving technology
Shortage of energy resources and serious environmental pollution are the difficult problems in today's world. Energy saving and environmental protection technology is an important index to measure the advanced nature of products. If the power system of Zhenhua frontal crane is reasonably configured, the power matching is good, the power is strong, and the fuel consumption is low. The average fuel consumption rate is only 179g / kWh, and the exhaust emission meets the Euro III standard
In order to reduce energy consumption and save energy, the advanced load sensitive electric proportional control system is also adopted for Zhenhua front crane to realize stepless speed regulation and intelligent control, and the energy saving effect is obvious.
(5) Application of new technology
The design means are more and more advanced. For example, Zhenhua adopts advanced virtual prototype design technology to improve the stability analysis of the whole machine; advanced finite element analysis, dynamics and dynamic simulation analysis and calculation are based on accurate data support to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment, reasonable structure and advanced performance
More and more attention has been paid to the application of new materials and new processes to reduce the weight of the whole machine and improve the appearance quality. For example, the boom structure of Zhenhua frontal crane is manufactured by finite element analysis and simulation analysis, which greatly improves the bearing strength and stiffness of the boom, reduces the weight and improves the reliability of the whole machine.
(6) Ergonomics design
Adopting the technology of ergonomics design, integrating the elements of aesthetics, environment, technology and economy, we have carried out the overall layout and industrial design, and introduced the design concept of the car to achieve the harmony and unity of beautiful shape, comfortable environment and advanced performance.
(7) Multi function and multi purpose
Pay attention to the development of multi-functional and multi-purpose products, such as the long boom frontal crane launched by Kalman. When the boom is lengthened, its downward angle can reach below 0 °. This kind of frontal crane can be used to load and unload barges at the wharf, and also suitable for container loading and unloading in railway and freight yard. The company also introduced a cross-country frontal crane, which is particularly suitable for handling and loading containers on rough roads in the wild. Equipped with different spreaders, it can be used for loading and unloading a variety of goods (not only for containers, but also for timber, steel coils and other goods).


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